Green Lithium  for   transformation   of economy Sustainable Mining Compliant  with ESG criteria

Lithium Concessions
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Up to mio tons
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LMC - Lithium Mining Corporation

Unlocking Argentina’s Lithium Triangle

The effects of global climate change can no longer be denied. Numerous countries have launched plans to address the development and to support the development of industry to carbon dioxide-reduced technology. Examples are the Inflation Reduction Act of the US government and the EU Green Deal.

Part of these actions is the ban of combustion engine cars, which increasingly are supplemented by hybrid and fully electric vehicles. It is self-evident that the use of Li-ion batteries is essential for this development. 

As renewable energy sources like solar and wind gain prominence, the need for efficient energy storage technologies has intensified. Lithium-based battery systems provide the required flexibility and reliability for grid-scale storage, enabling the integration of renewable energy into the power grid. Already today, almost 900 GWh of Li-ion batteries are being used worldwide, and the trend shows clearly steeply upward. Various other innovative industry sectors like aerospace, defense, healthcare, automotive, and consumer electronics are further fueling this trend. The demand for novel types of energy systems is skyrocketing.

Lithium clearly is essential for the energy transition and is a critical raw material. The demand is predominantly satisfied by newly mined raw material. It can be extracted from hard rock or from brine, whereas the latter is more efficient and overall environmental friendly. The focus of all mining projects must be on sustainable extraction, so that the goals of the environmentally friendly transformation of the economy are met according to the UN Global Compact.

LMC is positioned to become a major player in the lithium raw material sector.

The company owns 70,000 hectares of highly-promising Li concessions in the Argentinian lithium triangle and is currently in advanced exploration stage. Together with its partners, LMC is developing a process to extract Li hydroxide using a novel, efficient extraction technology, with clear focus on sustainable production on site.

LMC utilizes the skill and technical support of its 50 % shareholder, DEM – Deutsche E Metalle AG, and its strong connections to German industry.

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