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LMC Licences - Our Neighbour Companies

Our lithium concessions are located in the so-called Lithium Triangle, near Antofagasta de la Sierra and around the village El Peñon in Catamarca / Argentina. Vast salt flats with lithium enriched brines are found in the area.

Right next to them, in direct proximity, are the concessions of public and well established companies like Lake Resources amongst others. These companies have been active in the area for a long period of time and therefore their projects are further developed. Some of them are successfully extracting lithium in the meantime, some of them are at advanced pilot stage.

LMC is closley monitoring those neighboring projects because if the properties were valued at Lake Resources’ multiples, LMC would be worth almost $1 billion! To achieve this price convergence, the size and extent of LMC’s lithium mineralization must be explored and defined – the key to increasing the project’s valuation and our top priority. An exploration program towards PFS has already been elaborated based on the initial scoping study and basic exploration.

LMC Neighbours

Lake Resources

Market cap 04/2022 – 1.95 bn USD

Kachi Project

  • 705 km² of leases and lease applications over a brine-bearing basin
  • 20 km long, 15 km wide, and 400-800 m deep at the center – 74,000 ha
  • 4 million tonnes (Mt) @290 mg/L of contained lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE). (Indicated 1.0 Mt, Inferred 3.4 Mt)
  • Exploration target range between 8-17 Mt of LCE
  • Annual production target of 50,000 tonnes of battery-grade lithium carbonate
  • Method: direct extraction technology (or Direct Lithium Extraction)

Cauchari Project

  • 480 km² of leases
  • licenses are contiguous to known lithium-bearing brine deposits belonging to SQM, Lithium Americas, Advantage Lithium and the producing assets of Orocobre

Olaroz Project and Paso Project

  • 140 km² of leases / 290 km² of leases

Lithium South Development Corp.

Market cap 04/2022 0.06 bn USD

Salar Escondido

  • Drilling on the first hole, target depth of 350 m
  • mining concessions totaling approximately 29,180 ha
  • second drill hole at the project was completed to a depth of 400 meters (plastic perforated casing was installed to a depth of 371 meters).

HMN Li (Hombre Muerto North Lithium Project)

  • 5,687 hectares is comprised of nine mining concessions. Active: Tramo and Alba Sabrina
  • Method: Direct Lithium Extraction using an absorbent

Argentina Lithium

Market cap 04/2022 0.02 bn USD

Incahuasi Salar

  • 17 km north-south and 2.5 km east-west. Divided into north and south section
  • The Company plans to initially complete 4 diamond drill holes to depths of approximately 400 m

Salar de Antofalla (Argentina Lithium)

  • 9,000 ha of mining claims
  • additional 5380.5 ha under option, in the north end of the Salar de Antofalla
  • Reported grades from the salar include 350 mg/l lithium (and 6,400mg/l potash)
  • 50 km long and 5-7 km wide, and is situated at 3,900 m elevation

Lithium Energi Exploration Inc.

Market cap 04/20220.02 bn USD

Laguna Caro; 20,000 ha


Market cap 04/20223.8 bn USD

Fenix; 32,700 ha

Millennial Lithium

Market cap 04/20220.4 bn USD

Pastos Grandes Project; 12,619 ha

Neo Lithium

Market cap 04/20221 bn USD

3Q Project; 35,000 ha

Wealth Minerals

Market cap 04/20220.07 bn USD

Atacama Salar; 46,200 ha
Laguna Verde; 46,000 ha
Ollague; 4,200 ha