The focus on sustainability is increasing in the light of current global developments. The calls for greener technologies, ergo sustainable extraction of raw materials (‘Green Lithium`), as a prerequisite for the environmentally friendly transformation of the economy are becoming increasingly louder. Our engagement is clear: we need Green Lithium!

In order to follow these goals we have committed ourselves to true sustainability. We adhere to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact as a guideline for our work. Furthermore we have set up a roadmap to develop and strengthen our ESG efforts.

ESG stands for Environmental – assessment based on environmental protection aspects, Social – assessment based on social and community aspects, and Governance – assessment based on type of corporate management and stakeholder interaction.

In order to have our efforts independently measured and audited, we have chosen to carry out the certification by the market leader DIGBEE. We can state that we were able to independently prove our ESG intentions and have been awarded an ESG certificate after successful assessment! We are very proud of this success, especially at this early stage of the project.

LMC Network partners

DEM – Deutsche E Metalle AG

Deutsche E Metalle AG has a clear vision: to drive the future with a sustainable corporate concept. The company therefore supports its customers in the careful extraction of raw materials and the development of new deposits with a focus on strategic metals.