LMC Lithium Licenses

LMC holds a total of 70,000 ha of licenses near Antofagasta de la Sierra and around the village El Peñon in the mining friendly province of Catamarca. The Antofagasta Lithium District is located in the heart of the Lithium Triangle of Argentina. It is situated next to the Galan Volcano, which is considered to be the source of lithium for all salars in the region.

Promising TEM profiles on the licensed claims indicate high Lithium concentrations at main depths between 200 and 350 m, down to a potential depth of 700 m at some locations. LMC is expecting to be able to extract up to 6 million tons of lithium in this area.

Our directly adjacent mining company is Lake Resources with their flagship project Kachi, where they just demonstrated DLE successfully at pilot scale on site.

One big advantage of the deposit is, that the lithium containing brines are sourced from wells and evaporation ponds instead of hard rock, as in other places. This of course leads to comparingly low mining costs.

LMC’s new technology (DLE) will enable sustainable lithium production based on renewable energy in this arid environment.