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Lithium Situation

The increasing need of electric vehicles (EV) as sustainable transportation solution is driving the demand for lithium. Lithium-ion batteries are renowned for their high energy density and long cycle life and therefore have become the preferred choice for EV manufacturers, hence established as major industry standard for the upcoming decades

Lithium as a key element in these rechargeable batteries, has therefore emerged as a critical resource in the context of the global shift toward electric mobility and renewable energy storage. The United States, as a major consumer of EVs, heavily relies on lithium to meet its domestic demand. South American countries, with their abundant lithium reserves, have a strategic advantage in supplying this critical component to the growing EV market.

Global use of Li-ion batteries is expected to increase to around 4.7 TWh by 2030 (McKinsey report MineSpans, 2022) against 0.7 TWh in 2022 – which means a lithium demand of around 3,200 kt by 2030 (supply in 2021: 600 kt). These numbers show how skyrocketing the lithium demand is developing.  LMC will contribute to meet this demand by developing its Carachi Li Project with access to highly promising Li brine deposits in Catamarca at the southern corner of the Lithium Triangle.

LMC is positioned to become a major player in the lithium raw material sector.